Abolition as More Than Doctrine

WE AFFIRM that genuine and faithful abolitionism includes living a life consistent with the tenets of abolitionism. We affirm that actively seeking out justice and offering mercy to those in need is as vital to abolitionism as affirming the ideals. We affirm that abolitionists should proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, educate the Church, call on the Church to repent, expose the evil deeds of darkness, agitate the world that hates God and his Word, and offer genuine and holistic assistance to those who are in need. We affirm that all of these aforementioned actions are needed and that Christians can faithfully participate in these actions by the implementation of different means and tactics. We affirm that all of these things should be done according to the Word of God and while displaying the Fruit of the Spirit. We affirm that abolition must be non-violent and by the power of the Spirit of God. 

WE DENY that a mere affirmation of ideals is sufficient. We deny that all means, methods, and tactics are at all times effective, wise, or faithful. We deny that even the most righteous cause justifies sinful behaviors, attitudes, and rhetoric. We deny that revival, repentance, or abolition can come about by violence or vigilantism. 

Hosea 12:6; Matthew 23:23, 28:16-20; John 3:17; John 18:36; Galatians 5:22-23

John Reasnor