The Doctrine of Last Things

WE AFFIRM that upon death, those regenerate members of the invisible church are with Christ perfected in holiness, beholding his glory, waiting for the final resurrection when history is consummated and the final new heavens and new earth is instituted. We believe that those who die in history apart from Christ await resurrection and judgment and the subsequent everlasting punishment in hell. We affirm that believers, the just, and unbelievers, the unjust, await final resurrection and final judgment which is appointed for all men. We believe that Jesus intends to purify his bride fully and finally in the resurrection. We believe that those who enter the new heavens and new earth do so by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. We believe that those who are judged and sentenced to eternal hell are justly punished in accordance to the immutable standards of the thrice-holy God. 

WE DENY that salvation and resurrection unto eternal life is accomplished by works of the law. We deny that sinners are wrongly sentenced to hell. We deny that the just judgment of souls is temporary or results in the destruction of the soul. We deny that God may be charged with injustice in his final determination set forth at the final judgment. We deny that history will remain unresolved into an indefinite future. We deny that man may escape death and judgment.  

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John Reasnor