The Sovereignty of God

Abolitionism is optimistic. The goal of abolitionism is intrinsically optimistic. We are abolitionists of abortion and systemic injustice. Not abolitionists of some injustice or just an abortion or two.  We praise God for every child saved and every injustice ended, but our goal is not to save a child here and there. Our goal is not even to make abortion illegal. Our goal is to make abortion unthinkable. We depend upon the Providence and Sovereignty of God. (Proverbs 21:1, Ephesians 1:11)

Relying upon the providence of God is how we seek the abolition of abortion. This is why there is an abolitionist movement addressing abortion and other injustices, as opposed to just another pro-life sidewalk ministry political lobbying group. Not that sidewalk ministry is bad. It certainly is not. However, Christians are called to do more than merely attempt to save a child every now and again; our eyes must be looking forward towards the goal while also staying busy with the work today. Attempting to shut down abortion facilities does little to nothing in defense of our smallest neighbors. No matter how many horrific acts happen within the walls of a Planned Parenthood Surgical Center, shutting down such a place does not even begin to address the dehumanization and murders that are likely occurring in conservative, pro-life, and evangelical churches and communities through abortifacient birth control methods and destructive in-vitro-fertilization treatment. Surgical abortions are just the gruesome tip of the iceberg of abortion.

We believe that, by God’s providence, we will do more than shut down a few buildings and save a few babies.

The battle to abolish abortion is primarily spiritual. This does not mean there are no physical tools at our disposal or that this fight will not affect the material world, but rather that the primary means by which we will win is by the power of the Holy Spirit. Again, we are not seeking only the legal abolition of abortion; we are seeking to make it unthinkable by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of the Sovereignty of God, abolitionism teaches that we can rely upon Christ to bring about reformation, revival, and abolition. Instead of relying upon utilitarian or pragmatic strategies, we trust in our King.